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Magento module work with symlink

change file Magento\Framework\Filesystem\Directory\Read

Notice: suggest for development only for security reasons.

public function isFile($path)
return $this->driver->isFile($this->driver->getAbsolutePath($this->path, $path));

public function isFile($path)
$absolute = $this->driver->isFile($this->driver->getAbsolutePath($this->path, $path));
if ($absolute) return $absolute;

$relative = $this->driver->isFile($this->driver->getRelativePath($this->path,$path));
return $relative;

How to remove decimal point from price

This guide show you how to customize decimal point for Magento 2 price round, you can add more decimal after point or just remove decimal point from the price.

In Magento 2 price model defined in Magento/Catalog/etc/di.xml for class: Magento\Directory\Model\PriceCurrency

All things you need to customize price problems store here. For all price convert and show to frontend, they will convert by function convertAndRound method in class Magento\Directory\Model\PriceCurrency

In this class you will see const DEFAULT_PRECISION where is store how many decimal after point in price.

With default value set to 2. Now you just change this value to how many decimal after point you want to show on catalog. You can set this value to 0 to make product price displayed in integer.

Currently, we just show how you to update Magento core to change decimal point, i will update a patch with not touching the core in the future very soon.