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Custom Product Detail Page
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Custom Product Detail Page
This service provides a responsive and user-friendly product detail page that aligns with your brand's aesthetic. Features include customizable product attributes, an interactive image gallery, and dynamic pricing options. Aiming at elevating the shopping experience, it improved SEO capabilities, ensuring your products shine and attract more customers.
  • Customize UI/UX of Magento 2 product detail page
  • Customize Magento 2 use case on product detail page
  • Update Magento 2 product detail page layout
  • Add product attribute to Magento 2 product detail page
  • Customize Magento 2 product detail page template
  • Magento 2 product detail page optimization
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Scope of Services:

Design Customization:

Creation of a custom layout for the product detail page.

Responsive design implementation to ensure proper display across various devices and screen sizes.

Functional Customization:

Integration of customizable product attributes (e.g., color, size, material).

Implementation of dynamic pricing adjustments based on custom selections. Addition of an image gallery with zoom-in functionality. Setup of social media share buttons for product pages.

User Experience Enhancements:

Development of AJAX-powered 'Add to Cart' functionality for a smoother user experience.

Integration of customer reviews and ratings section. Implementation of related products and upsells display.

Backend Customization:

Enabling the client to easily update product details, attributes, and images from the Magento admin panel.

Configuration of SEO-friendly URL structures for product pages.

Provision for custom meta tags for individual products for improved search engine visibility.

Scope of task

The scope of customization will align with the requirements previously discussed. It does not encompass any revisions or additional modifications beyond the initial agreement. Should you require further alterations or additions, these will be treated as a new project and subject to a separate quotation. Note that installation support is not included under customization services; however, free installation support is provided exclusively for extensions acquired from our store.

Support term

Support for customization is offered for a duration of one month following the project's completion. Should you require continued support beyond this period, an extension can be arranged for an additional fee.

Customize Proccess

To maintain the integrity of the customization process, please refrain from altering any files during the service period. If modifications are necessary, inform us beforehand and ensure a backup is created for any files, folders, databases, or settings affected.

Customization guarantee

Our customization guarantee is specific to the site we are directly working on. We cannot be held accountable for any issues that arise from changes, updates, or upgrades made to the site after our work is completed, nor can we guarantee the same customization will apply to other sites, even within the project's free support timeframe.

Free Installation

We are committed to enhancing your Magento experience. With every purchase of our paid extensions, we provide a complimentary installation service for a single Magento installation. To avail of this offer, kindly grant us access to your website, including the admin account and FTP/SSH information. This complimentary installation service is available for up to two weeks (10 business days) from the date of your purchase. Should you require installation assistance for an extension bought after this two-week period or need installation on a second Magento setup, we offer this service at a nominal fee of $50 per installation request. Please note, our free installation service does not extend to free extensions.